Foto: Hilde Bjørkhaug/Bygdeforskning

From May 30 to July 2, Agrispace partner invited the University of Innsbruck to an international workshop in Innsbruck and Obergurgl, Austria.


The purpose of the meeting was to disseminate and discuss Agrispace research together with invited guests from EURAC, Institute of Ecology and Anthropology Institute (University of Neuchâtel).

Parts of the event were open to students and employees at the University of Innsbruck and other interested parties.




Day one:

International agrifood open lecture by Hugh Campbell: What is a farm? The Political ontology of agriculture in New Zealand.


Foto: Hilde Bjørkhaug/Bygdeforskning Open conference



Day two:

Open conference, introducing project.

Three sessions (Production patterns and landscape, Agricultural land-use scenarios- consequences for landscape and production, Policy implications on space) with invited guest and audience. private workshop in Obergurgl. “Space, land and society: challenges and opportunities for production and innovation in agriculture based value chains”.

Day three:

During the workshop in Obergurgl the team went for a small hike in the Tyrolean landscape (pictures above), and whole day project meeting.

Day four: 

Morning project meeting


Agrispace team:

Foto: Rob F. Burton/Bygdeforskning