Dissemination work starts in the beginning of the project, and aims to inform target groups on research questions and activities taking place in AGRISPACE. The webpage will be set up in the beginning of the project in WP1. WP7 will provide information to the webpage and publish a yearly newsletter. WP7 will also encourage and facilitate writing processes across the interdisciplinary team to secure scientific and popular dissemination in accordance with AGRISPACEs goals. Development of policy recommendations and the organization of dissemination and publications are the core activities of WP6. This includes initiation and administration of (1) researcher workshops, (2) midterm and end conferences, (3) contributed sessions and working groups at scientific seminars/conferences (e.g. Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientists (www.njf.nu),
European Society for Rural Sociology (http://www.ruralsociology.eu/), European Association of Agricultural Economists (http://www.eaae.org)), and (4) Final report and policy recommendations.

Work package leader: Hilde Bjørkhaug (CRR)